Additional Services

Dispute Resolution Program Design and Implementation

Bridge Resolution Group assists organizations in establishing and implementing a system of internal procedures and strategies to foster the effective management of conflict. A recent study sponsored by the American Arbitration Association concluded that organizations “that embrace a ‘dispute-wise’ approach to managing business and workplace conflicts enjoy lower operating costs and are more successful at preserving business relationships.” See Press Release, cialis sales ambulance October 15, 2003, Specific benefits that may be realized through the implementation of an effective conflict management system include increased productivity and profitability, improved decision-making, enhanced employee satisfaction and motivation, cialis decreased litigation, decreased attrition, and decreased employee violence, sabotage, theft and property damage. We offer a wide range of services in connection with development of a dispute resolution program for an organization. These include initial assessments of existing conflict resolution systems, custom design of a dispute resolution program in accordance with management’s goals and objectives, recommendations for effective implementation of the program, education and training seminars, ongoing consultation regarding administration of the program or new issues and changes, and ongoing mediation services. Program design will be tailored to suit the specific needs of the organization.


Mediation is a process where parties employ a neutral individual to assist them in resolving a dispute or reaching a negotiated agreement. Bridge Resolution Group offers mediation services of independent mediators to assist organizations in reaching an expedient resolution of an existing internal or external dispute. Services include a thorough evaluation of the background of the conflict and design of a detailed plan for mediation of the dispute. The mediator will support the parties in clarifying the issues, identifying the parties’ interests, facilitating communication, generating options for agreement or settlement, and achieving a timely resolution. Our mediators have extensive experience, technical skills and place a high value on ethical integrity. Efforts are made to foster a positive mediation environment that demonstrates sensitivity toward the emotional climate, trust levels, attitudes, balance of power, and cultural variations among the parties. Complex mediations can be accommodated such as multiperson negotiation teams or multiparty negotiations.

Focus Groups

Bridge Resolution Group facilitates focus groups to assist organizations in gathering information to guide future decision-making processes. The facilitator will structure group discussion within the organization in a manner designed to promote open communication regarding a certain topic. Equipped with a background understanding of the problem facing management, the facilitator seeks to persuade the free exchange of ideas, concerns and questions. Afterward, the facilitator consults with management regarding the information gathered to assist management in preparing for upcoming decisions within the organization. Any topic and any level of employee can be the subject of a focus group project.